Q: How many tests are re-tests and not separate people?

A: The COVID Tracking Project is classifying the majority of tests as applying to unique persons. Some states are squirrelly about the definition of terms. You can explore per-state grades and caveats on their data page.

Q: Does this include private/commercial testing?

A: The majority of states include some measure of commercial testing in their official COVID-19 data. An "A" grade from The COVID Tracking Project signifies reliable numbers and the incorporation of all commercial tests. As of today, 0 of 56 states & territories are graded "A". While California is notably grade "B", the next five most populous states are grade "A". See the full list, with shortcomings for each, here.

Q: What is our ability to re-test, after 78 days?

A: The US population is a proxy for our widescale capacity to test. Once we do run 330M tests, we assume we can again quickly, having solved supply, people, and logistic issues.